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A Blanket of Daffodils

Though we had not planned this day for long, it would be one of the biggest days of our married lives. A day we would hold dear to us – forever. Just a month before this date, we had registered her birth, a strange thing to have been doing, when her birth had not been […]

The Last Time Ever I saw Your Face

It was Thursday 12th April, the date we had been given to visit the Chapel of rest, the first visit since we had said goodbye at the hospital just 11 days before. I researched it, I asked questions on a forum I had joined the night of her death. Nobody could give me an answer […]

Siblings Worlds Apart.

There is a day for children’s grief – November. But including bereaved siblings in a day that celebrates siblings is as important. Because their journey matters too. When I thought I would have children, I never imagined that families could be broken in more than one way. Divorce and separation. But with the added bonus […]