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When Your NICU Baby Doesn’t Come Home.

As I walk away from the cemetery once again, the place I have visited many, many times since 2012. As I look over to her resting place, saying goodbye to a baby who never grew; waving to a daughter who never had a chance to wave. We don’t visit very often, it has never gotten […]

Bereaved Parents Month

I haven’t written anything about her for ages, months. Even then it was only a birthday note.  Life has gotten so busy and my head has been full of everything but her. As the months move forward, it dawns on me the time scale. The amount of time that has gone.  I am torn between […]


I felt compelled to put this piece together. Whilst coming across a seemingly harmless article, a person mentioning about a significance of her loss because her friend already had children, like it almost didn’t matter. It got me thinking                              My question to this would be – Why Would This Matter?  A death is a death; other […]